Chinese New Year Hamper: Crystal Luxor Treats 1



Chinese New Year Hampers Crystal Luxor Treats contains:

Exclusive Crystal Cannister
Premier Salute Sparkling Red
Lindt Chocolate
Home Made Cookies
Dilmah 25x 2 gr
Chinese New Year Hectagon Snack
Chinese Sticky Cake (Single Fish Shape)
White Fungus
Bickford’s Sarsaparila
Loacker Quadratini
Mackay Scottish Jam
Krakakoa Chocolate
Exclusive Golden Faux Leather Box
Chinese New Year Decorations
FREE Delivery to Jakarta Areas
FREE Greeting card

Food and Drinks are packed Exclusively, decorated with Chinese New Year Elements to Cheer the Gifts and Wishes. parcel imlek, parsel imlek, chinese new year hamper, chinese new year gift basket, toko parcel online, toko parsel jakarta