Parcel Imlek Keramik: Traditional Delights 2



Parcel Imlek Keramik: Traditional Delights 2 contains

  • 6 cups
  • 6 saucers
  • Premier Salute Sparkling
  • Octagon Chinese Fruity Snack
  • One Bite Almond
  • Mandarin Candy 500 gr
  • Excelso Robusta Coffee Bean 200gr
  • Jasmine Chinese Tea
  • Mackays Scottish Jam
  • Home made cookies
  • Vincenzi Glassatin
  • Choco Pies
  • Chinese New Year Decorations
  • Exclusively designed Box (Keepsake & Reusable)
  • Free Delivery to Jakarta
  • Exclusive Greeting Card

Food and Drinks are packed Exclusively, decorated with Chinese New Year Elements to Cheer the Gifts and Wishes. parcel imlek, parsel imlek, chinese new year hamper, chinese new year gift basket, toko parcel online, toko parsel jakarta