Parcel Imlek: Golden Celebration


Dapatkan Parcel Imlek: Golden Celebration Hanya di KadoPlus!


Parcel Imlek / Chinese New Year Hampers Golden Celebration contains:

  • Premier Salute Sparkling Drink
  • Home Made Cookies
  • Marvel Cashew Chocolate
  • Pringles orginal 110gr
  • Chinese Fruity Snack
  • Chinese Sticky Cake Fu
  • Mackays Scottish Jam
  • Mandarin Orange Jelly
  • Lotte choco pie 168gr
  • Chinese Jasmine Tea
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Wafelo
  • Exclusive CNY Faux Leather Box
  • Chinese New Year Decorations
  • FREE Delivery to Jakarta Areas
  • FREE Greeting card

Food and Drinks are packed Exclusively, decorated with Chinese New Year Elements to Cheer the Gifts and Wishes. parcel imlek, parsel imlek, chinese new year hamper, chinese new year gift basket, toko parcel online, toko parsel jakarta