Parcel Imlek Keramik: Traditional Delights 1 contains

  • 4 cups
  • 4 saucers
  • Royal Choice 409 Gr
  • Octagon Chinese Fruity Snack
  • Marjan Cocopandan 550ml
  • Choco Papilotes
  • fox fruits 180gr
  • Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Glasssatine Monde
  • Choco Pie
  • Chinese New Year Decorations
  • Exclusively designed Faux Leather Box (Keepsake & Reusable)
  • Free Delivery to Jakarta
  • Exclusive Greeting Card

Food and Drinks are packed Exclusively, decorated with Chinese New Year Elements to Cheer the Gifts and Wishes. parcel imlek, parsel imlek, chinese new year hamper, chinese new year gift basket, toko parcel online, toko parsel jakarta